Everything in our rental inventory is available for purchase. All of our used equipment is tested and functioning at a high standard. Our prices are competitive and all the gear comes straight out of our rental inventory.

The following is a list of the most recently featured used equipment for sale. Please click on the links for more information regarding the product. For pricing and for questions about any other used gear please contact us directly.

Trackspot by High End Systems

$250.00 + tax

10 for $2,350.00 + tax

Trackspot – the “King of the Club”. Features eight colours and a Gobo wheel with eight etched and one replaceable position. Variable strobe, and dimmable to 100%. There are 32 programmed effects sequences, and built in condenser mic for picking up the music (sound-to-light). With so many options, these will easily enhance any club atmosphere.

We’ll even do you one better – 10 Trackspots and One Universal Trackspot Controller for $2,500.00 + tax!

Jands HOG 1000

950.00  + tax  (Case Included)

The HOG 1000 console will handle moving and static lighting fixtures with simple programming. It is great for any dimming system, simple to complex, with movers and scrollers. This digital lighting console which runs on the Wholehog II OS can control up to 1024 channels. The command line syntax is easy to understand and the configuration of the desk makes programming easy.