Line Card

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ZED 14, 24
DTI Dual Transformers
X32 Mixer
L1 Systems
L1 Compact
L1 Model 2 System
PackLite A1 Power Amplifier
B2 Bass Modules
T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

Cubix 2.0
Intimidator Spot 150, 250
Legend 230SR
SlimBank UV-18
Chauvet Q Wash
Geyser RGB
Obey 40 DMX Controller
Powerstream4 Splitter
E6 Earset
XTi 4000 Amp
PCC-160 Boundary Mic
1066 Compression Limiter
1074 Quad Noise Gate
160X Comp/Limiter
162SL Compressor/Limiter
2231 Equalizer
231 Dual 31 Band EQ
DriveRack 220i Processor
Driverack 260, 4800, 482
Driverack Remote 480R

SD9 Mixer
D Racks
UB>Madi Interface
Cobra-4 Far and Top
PWH Subwoofer

ETC Source Four 19 575w
ETC Source Four 26 575w
ETC Source Four 36 575w
ETC Source Four 50 575w
ETC Source Four Zoom (25-50) 575w
ETC Source Four Par 575w
ETC Source Four Parnel 575w
ETC Source Four Par Medium Lens
ETC Source Four Par Narrow Lens
ETC Source Four Par Very Narrow Lens
ETC Source Four Par Wide Lens
Express 48/96 Console
MPE Control Module
S4 Par Bar of Six
Barn Doors
Drop In Iris
CP4000S Amp
DX38 Digital System Processor
SbA760 Sub
SX300 Speaker
X-Line Xsub
XLC118 Line Array Sub
XLC127DVX 3-way Line Array
XLD281 Compact Line Array
Xw-12 and Xw-15 Monitor
ZX1 Speakers
ZXa5 Powered Speakers
TG-5 Tour Grade Amplifier
TG-7 Tour Grade Amplifier
Road Hog Console
Janes Hog 1000
Wholehog USB Playback
Studio Color
4' x 4' Stage Decks
4' x 8' Stage Decks
Deck Stairs 2' to 3' High
Deck Stairs 3' to 5' High
Deck Step 1' x 4'
DN360 Equalizer
DN716B Delay Line
DN9340 Helix EQ
Microphone and Speaker Stands
*new* MAC Quantum Profile
*new* MAC Quantum Wash
MAC Viper
MAC 101
MAC 250
MAC 500
MAC Aura
Magnum 850Fogger
DJ Lighting: T-Rex, Raptor
*new* M32
Mica and Milo Loudspeakers
M1D Compact Line Array
UPA, UPJ, and UPM Loudspeakers
700HP and 650-P Sub
LD-1 Line Driver
CP-10 Parametric EQ
SIM3 System
Galileo 616 Processor
Masters Series Drum Kit
CDJ 900, 1000MK-3, 2000, 2000nexus
DJM 600, 700, 800, 900nexus
DVJ-X1 DVD Player
PL230, PL236 Amplifiers
Serato SL-3 Scratch Live
TTM 56 Mixer
TTM 57-SL Mixer
Wireless Systems EW300 IEM-G3 In Ear Monitors
Wireless Handheld
Microphones: E602, E604, E609-s, E614, E901, E902, E904, E908B, E914
Micrphones: SM57, SM58, Beta 52A, 57A, 58A, 87C, 91, 98, Condenser, KSM32
E1 Earpieces
Shure PGX, SLX, ULX Wireless Systems
Analogue Mixers: E12, FX16, LX7 II, MH3, SM-20
DLMS4080 Processor
Speakers - MSR100, MS101-III, Stagepass 500
Analogue Mixers - MC3210
Digital Mixers - *new* CL-5, LS9-16, LS9-32, M7CL-48, PM5D-RH
SPX2000 FX Processor
SPX1000 and SPX900 Digital Reverb
Backline - Maple Custom Absolute Drum Kit, P-200 Keyboard
Lighting Kit LP LED-4 w C4 and C12 Controller, LP-608
M1610, MC12D
NX55P, NX750P, NX720 Sub
YX12, YX15
Elite - E10, E12, E15, E152, E2152
EM358, EP2204 Processor, LS1004 Sub
U15P, U215, UCS1PB Sub, UP215 Processor
Audiopro- AP1200, AP 4020, AP4040, AP6020, AP6040
Powermax 16, Powermax 22